He’s still Naming the Animals…wait

So why are you still not married? Next time you are asked this perplexing question give them something even more perplexing to think about. Tell them, “…he is still out naming animals and is getting really good at it.”  Its true you know. Adam has not even figured out that the animals are wondering why he is not in like company…because he has not noticed that anything could be amiss. He wakes up thinking of which consonants go with which vowels and if these would be a great match for an insect, reptile, amphibian, mammal, sea creature…there is just so much work going on in his brain. Most important, that may be a good answer for yourself on those sad lonely days…those days that strain your faith in God Who promised you a husband and has been preparing you for years for him. Be still and allow yourself to be moulded from a rib close to his heart into someone who can be an equal helpmate, companion, with whom he can name animals, have dominion and subdue the earth.

The bling/s (rings) and the new name can catalyze extreme loneliness if you are not prepared for the reality of being Mrs. Adam. He may have spent so much time in the company of the animals he has named that its only natural for him to trust in what they say. That is where you come in – excellence of God’s creation.  You may need to help him listen to you when making important decisions, not because an amphibian told you to tell him – but because God told you to tell him. And even better, to let God speak to him, during those evening walks, and convince him of the right way to be without necessarily having to put him into deep sleep. He needs to re-learn to trust God’s intentions in not just giving him a job to do, but a woman to relate to. At least so he can take leadership when things sometimes go wrong and blame God for bringing you into his life. You need to learn to be Mrs. Adam, in choosing your company and being wary of receiving spiritual and marital advise from friends who want to hang around you and whisper suggestions on how God may just have missed it on instructing you – or how you may just have heard God wrong. Actually this is really important because such friends can actually entangle you into a relationship with someone else’ Adam because if you cannot fully trust God’s best intentions in giving you your own particular Adam, you wont be able to maintain the Adam He has given you anyway. Adam comes with a manual that begins with ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul and your neighbour and yourself’ and ‘the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom’. So Mrs Adam…its not the wedding dress, the chance to appear in the Wedding Show for fifeteen minutes, the gifts and the surprise honeymoon that makes ’till death do we part’ an adventure worth living….but that is a story for another day.

So wait. God knows Adam best. I am praying he wont just agree to get married while in a coma, but in soundness of mind so he can give this joint ministry the seriousness it deserves…but that He will deliberately, within the love of Christ, choose you, because He trusts God, has attached himself to God’s unquenchable love resources for you, and basically knows what he is doing. Snakes or no snakes. Meanwhile, wait, and get ready.




3 comments on “He’s still Naming the Animals…wait

  1. I was here…….this is nice.

  2. Wow this is nice. Thnx

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