Getting Ready For my Marriage

So, I am being prepared for a marriage.

  He proposed to me again. Who can refuse a proposal like that – of a love so Total and True; a Love that is spread out in the view of all humanity, unabashedly at your feet? A love given with the promise of One Who cannot lie – a promise to love you forever; to never ever leave you no matter where your love takes the both of you; a love that promises you more than you could ever want or need, a love that promises a lifetime of adventure and an eternity of restful bliss.

   He proposed to me again, and named and paid a price that was so extravagant, that silenced the highest bidder, out-haggled my ‘marketer’, and left my father’s house gaping – wondering if He was mad to think I could be worth even a quater of His price. Both Heaven and earth fell silent, when He spoke of me, wondering again if He knew of whom He had  sang so lovingly, and spoken so resolutely.

He proposed to me again, and the Bling was to die for. He gave me His, I gave Him mine, my head bowed, my heart dismayed for the little value mine had been to me. He raised my head up, smiled into my soul and said to me, “Thank you Vip, in your heart, I see all I ever wanted, and your gift and symbol of your love for Me, is the most beautiful I ever saw. Look at it again.” How could He be so kind to me? I know how piteously, not just I, but all those who had wooed me before, mere men, lesser men, had valued it and I had known their testimony to be truth. My eyes locked into His, and when I again looked at my blingin His Hands, it was as though I was looking through His Eyes…and its beauty was indescribable. The only One I know and will every know, that could be worthy of such a gift was Him. My very own Him.

He proposed to me again. I guess you may say I am engaged, but what I can tell you, is that i am Spoken for, no longer my own. I wear His Bling on my shoulder, over my life, and He wears mine on His shoulder and within His Life.

I am being prepared for a Marriage. And you are invited too…to be The Bride.


4 comments on “Getting Ready For my Marriage

  1. His love is without end.
    Thank you Jesus.

  2. Beautiful!

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