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The Heart Wants What it Wants

we are made to conquer that which is greater than ourselves – this is the essence of passion

Pastor Muriithi Wanjau ( Author Mizizi and Senior Pastor Mavuno)

 There was this guy I know, he was in love with someone else’ wife. She was not interested in him but her attempts at putting him off only seemed to fan the raging fire within him. You on board yet? One day she decided to be nasty and blunt and just tell him to leave her be. She was never going to leave her husband for him. Besides, his own wife adored him and they had four brilliant children. He looked at her adoringly, telling her with his eyes that he loved the sound of her voice. When she was through with her script, he shrugged as if he hadn’t heard anything she had said in the last 45 minutes and drawled “…But the heart wants what it wants…”

I hope this story has upset some of your systems as it did mine when I first heard it. I felt as though I had been dunked with her in a slime pit. If you did, you have been in this lady’s shoes as well, or haven’t you my sister.

As a seeker, I have watched with interest, and sometimes great humour, the human pairing tendencies. Ever noticed how the glamour queen has for her best friend someone slightly less…well… of a beauty magazine cover model than she is, and her worst enemy looks a little bit like her? I know couples who to the un-searching eye look absolutely mismatched. Think for example of the hunk, the rugby team captain who married little Ms Prism, secretary of the Campus C.U.’s serving committee. He loves to flash, she wears two colours at most, and never at the same time. Think about your posh sister who went to international schools and is quite intimate with various international destinations, speaks twelve of their languages. She goes to her ancestral home for a family function and when the Standard 6 maximum educated watchman who can hardly speak a second language ushers her into her parents home, their souls connect, and the rest is stuff for an award winning Hollywood movie. On the other hand you probably know other couples who the universe seemed to support their coming together but are constantly at the brink of murdering each other. The heart wants what it wants. No matter where it finds it. But what is it that the heart looks for?

You may be in that place of destiny where you find yourself perfectly suited for a job, a partnership, a promotion, a lifetime romance. Yet the marks and the favour seem to tip towards your ill-equipped rival and you ask yourself what it is that the other party wanted that you did not have. I admit that there are shallow people who will opt for your adversary because of irrelevancies such as coming from the same background, rather than for the fact that they can achieve their greatest purpose together. This I must caution once more, is recipe for the greatest disaster. Generally the knitting of souls, the ignition of passion, the path to destiny is catalysed in the heavenlies. Fighting certain God-ordained eventualities only hurt those who attempt. So quit trying. I have learnt to take, with deserving seriousness, the command given at the end of every Christian wedding [What God has joined together let no man put asunder] which is incidentally a scriptural quotation. I know that to try is to wage a battle against God – the essence of futility. It would be wiser my sister to wait for your own suitable misfit, the one with whom the satisfaction you have tried to coerce from rocks that refuse to bleed, will flow with natural ease.

Personally, I cannot wait for the day my misfit (be it man or task) looks at me with adoring eyes, knowing that I was the necessary and irreplaceable unit to his perfect destiny. Much as this phrase upsets my digestive system, the heart does want what it wants. Have a blessed week.


First Published in May 2006 by The Sunday Standard


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