Getting Ready For my Marriage

So, I am being prepared for a marriage.   He proposed to me again. Who can refuse a proposal like that – of a love so Total and True; a Love that is spread out in the view of all humanity, unabashedly at your feet? A love given with the promise of One Who cannot lie […]

Rape: Getting your Life Back by Choosing to trade your Ashes for Roses

In July this year (2004), I was part of the rape statistics recorded at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital’s Gender Violence Recovery Centre. When two weeks later media reports of a break in by thugs into the Thiongo’s apartment, the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach was confirmed by the couple’s admission that Njeeri […]

Turning the hearts of the Daughters to their Step-Fathers

My arrival in Mombasa two Mondays ago was met by a scandal that broke my heart. One of my hosts sat me down and shared the heartache of one woman that is echoed a thousand times in this vibrant coastal town, and perhaps, hopefully not, in other parts of the country. The woman was one […]

Fake Nails: Fake Ammunition

I was doing my usual thing of chasing my tail and managing to stretch my work much later than it should go, when one of my colleagues shouted and told me that I had mail. Okay, you have to have lived in the days of snail mail, and gone to a boarding school up country […]

The Gift of Christmas

“The First Noel, the angels did sing, was to certain poor shepherds on fields where they lay” Okay, you have to clap for me. I have come a long way since last Christmas. I have always abhorred the rush around and the change in ambiance that announces the advent of the Christmas season. I remember […]

Final Dash to Destiny

It’s around that time of the year again my sisters. Much as we like to say how dates don’t really matter, how you stopped knowing when your birthday was, I know our body clocks just tell us that something is changing. There are beginnings, which we rejoice over most of the time, and the endings, […]